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Liv Hansen

Liv recently appeared in the crime thriller 'City Of Tiny Lights' (directed by Pete Travis) and ITV's feature length drama 'Churchill's Secret' (directed by Charles Sturridge).

A British-Danish citizen, she relocated from Copenhagen to Northern California at a young age and later moved to Los Angeles where she studied method acting at the distinguished Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She worked on a variety of Canadian film projects including 'Almost Home',Triggered', 'Endgame' and starred as Mel in 'Crooked'. 

Whilst living in Vancouver, Liv was also cast as the lead in a series of webisodes produced by The Justice Institute of British Columbia (directed by Bob Walker) and in the science-fiction drama 'Close Contact’

(directed by Ron Heaps).

She recently portrayed Louise in 'Born Evil' which was selected to screen at Sitges International Film Festival and is looking forward to undertaking new projects both in the UK and internationally.