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Tim Dry

Tim Dry is an actor, mime-artist, musician, writer and photographic-artist, best known for playing two characters in ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi’ (‘J’Quille - Whiphid’ and ‘Mon Calamari Officer’), the alien in the cult ‘80s Sci Fi/horror movie ‘Xtro’ and for being half of a duo, ‘Tik & Tok’, that popularized robotic mime in the UK in the 1980s.

Tim’s TV appearances include ‘Father Ted’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Eastenders’, ‘The 10th Kingdom’ (Cable TV series) ‘Casualty’, ‘Cliff!’ (Cliff Richard special), ‘In Dreams’ (Lenny Henry drama comedy special) and ‘Goodbye Mr Steadman’. He co-presented the Channel 4 food and drink series ‘Feast’ in 1997.

Tim has been featured in over 90 TV Commercials and played the leads in Steven Berkoff’s ‘Harry’s Christmas’, Kevin Laffan’s ‘Adam Redundant’ and Moliere’s ‘School For Wives’.

His film roles include the title role in the short ’Son of Nosferatu’, Entourage 7 in Steven Berkoff’s ‘Decadence’, The Death Provider in ‘Le Accelerator’ and Melvyn in the short ‘Pier Pressure'.