News for 2021/22
Jason Bailey has just landed a very  nice role in The Crown season 5 
Robert Jezek is back on Tinkertown as the Chief of staff
Paul Coster has booked an episode of Street dogs the new  Luther film 
Greg McKenzie has just been cast in the long running series Code 404 
Steve Osborne has a great part in the new Kate Beckinsale film Jolt now on Amazon 
Greg McKenzie the BBC Presenter is Presenting the Award Ceremony Potential unlocked 
Scotts Comedy actor Alan Hay has been cast in Not going out for the BBC 
David Corbett’s Series Pan Tau is now out on Amazon Prime channel Pash
Alan Mitchell has been cast in the new Enola Holmes film Matchsticks 
Robert Jezek has been cast in the new Steven Spielberg series Whirlwind 
Alan Mitchell has been cast in Eastenders in a great part playing a really irate customer 
Robert Jezek
( Ransom The Devils Genius Picasso) has just been cast as Chief of staff in Tinkertown for CBS 
Yao Chin (The Split Silent Witness Get even) has been cast in the TV series Tinkertown for CBS written and directed by Star Trek creator Alex Kurtzman, Yao has also this year completed The birth of Daniel F Harris for Ch 4 and the Feature Swimmers for Working title

Paul Bigley (the Crown Danish Girl Pennyworth)  has just finished Ted Lasso for Warner bras and Gentleman Jack for HBO

The comedy Actor and stand up Jonny Freeman (Silent Witness Four weddings) is cast in the new series for Sky comedy  Bloods 
The ex Champion boxer  ( Prime time in Guy Ritchies Gentleman)  Chris Evangelou has just finished  2 eps of Devils 2 
John Guerrasio (Florence Foster Jenkins Woman in Gold) has a lead in the new Anna Friel series The Box after completing the feature Harry Haft for Barry Levinson, and his 2nd Christmas Prince film for Netflix and Yes the famous Dreamies cat treats ad is still running
Lee White (Its all lies) is cast in Dangerous Liaisons for Lionsgate 
Steven Wickham Known for Red Dwarf has just completed his 2nd episode of Andy and the band for the BBC and Yes he is Santa in the Christmas special of Mrs Browns boys 
Samia Rida Known for many years in River City  has just been cast in 4 eps of Get Even for the BBC
Known for the Polish neighbour in Last chance Harvey Robert Jezek  (Ransom The Devils, Genius Picasso)  has just finished The Engineering that built America and is about to start the Video game As dusk falls
The well known French Actor Regis Romele has just finished the feature Summit Fever 
The 3 times Panorama and London news Presenter Greg McKenzie has just finished Fisherman’s Friends 2 and along with his Identical twin Anthony the feature Vibes and stuff for BBC films 
Ingo Brosch can be seen in the last 2 seasons of Find me in Paris for Disney