Lee White


Lee White is a distinguished actor, director, filmmaker, and Commedia dell’Arte master, recognized for his international work. Collaborating frequently with Didi Hopkins from the National Theatre, he excels as a clown and Commedia practitioner. Besides his theatrical expertise, he is a skilled guitarist, puppeteer, and puppet maker, specializing in character creation.

His recent stage credits include “Sunshine” at the Lyric Theatre, “We Are Not Shellfish” on a UK tour, and “Present Laughter.” On television, he has appeared in “Extras” with Ricky Gervais, “EastEnders,” and “Dangerous Liaisons.” His film roles include the award-winning “Derek and His Brick,” “Venus,” and “Twisted Sobriety.”

Lee’s unique talent for character work and his mastery of Commedia dell’Arte make him a sought-after artist. His diverse skills and dedication to his craft continue to push the boundaries of his art, captivating audiences worldwide.


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