Richard Cambridge

Richard Cambridge

Richard Cambridge is a British actor and programmer. He plays Felix the Nissan mechanic in Sony’s ‘Gran Turismo’ (2023) opposite Orlando Bloom and David Harbour. Previous roles include recurring character Pete Webster in Hollyoaks, the IT crowd and the movie ‘Golden Years’.

In 2022 & 2023 he won multiple festival awards for his role in the film ‘Man Made’ including ‘Best Actor’ at the London Movie awards. He has been working professionally in the UK as an actor in Film, TV and commercials for over 20 years. Richard is also co-founder and CEO of – the revolutionary global video-chat community for auditions, rehearsals, self tapes & advice. Richard lives in Bristol, UK and speaks with an RP accent, Standard American, or West Country.

He is a member of the British Academy (BAFTA) Equity (British Actors Equity) and the BADC (British Academy of Dramatic Combat). 


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